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    • 3,500 tools
      To run your business
    • Integration focused
      Does it integrate with 100+ standard tools
    • Usecases focused
      How is the tool used as part of workflow

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    Click on Categories

    On your mobile, it is at the bottom

    Choose category and sub-category

    Names double up as functionalities

    Filter the results

    To show the results that integrate with the selected filters

    View product

    This will give you links to ~130 other places on the web for more information

    Compare or Add to stack

    Compare with other tools. If you like it, create your own stack and share


    What is the source of these tools?

    Some of these come from my own experience a an entrepreneur. Some because they integrate with tools like Zapier, Segment, Lotame, etc. Others because they were top hunts at Product Hunt. It is a wide mix really.

    Why are some interesting software excluded?

    Purely because I did not have the time to include them. Except SugarCRM (see next question), I am happy to include any software that solves a problem and integrates with other software if it needs to

    What has SugarCRM ever done to you?

    They went from open source to close source. I think that is not right.

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    Main title

    Find the right software
    for your business
    3,500 software tools to
    help you build a well
    integrated business stack

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