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Add calculated fields to HubSpotCRM

HubspotCRM is great to store all the information about your customers. It is a fully featured CRM and it is FREE! However, it isn’t great if you want to run some calculations on the fields you have captured.

Using Zapier, we can achieve this functionality for free/cheap.

Using HubspotCRM as a calculator

Suppose you want to do the following:

  • Capture the height and weight of a customer
  • Calculate their BMI (weight / height squared, for those who are interested)
  • Send an email with the calculated BMI. Maybe even interpret the result for them

A simple option would be to use a form software like, say, Typeform. They allow for some calculations and can send emails post submission. However, almost always, this feature is a paid version.

I am sure HubspotCRM has some option to do this in their paid version. I have not investigated it in detail

However, when faced with a similar challenge, I tried the following and it worked!

  1. Capture height, weight and email address of the person using HubspotCRM form (or use any form that feeds info in to HubspotCRM
  2. On a new entry in HubspotCRM, trigger a zap to execute a step using Code by Zapier
  3. Complete all your calculations within this code. I prefer Python
  4. Using this information, draft an email to send to the user. Another benefit of such a system is that your email will, most probably, land in the Inbox tab in Gmail (not the Updates/Promotions tab).
  5. Trigger another zap to update HubspotCRM with the calculated (in this case, BMI) information.

That’s it!

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