There are various ways in which you can contribute to make Build a Stack better.

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We would really like to be a place where people talk about HOW they solved business problems using a bunch of software tools. Preferably, tools that integrate with each other and are cheaper than some tool that claims to do it all. We would like it all to be automated, although we do not mind a small manual effort.

In short, if you are the “anti buy-the-standard-product-and-never-get-fired” … if you are willing to stick your neck out to try out new, cheaper, better ways of doing things … then we would LOVE to hear from you.

Business problems are always about using multiple tools and getting them to work together. Those are the stories we like to hear. Please get in touch using the Contact Us Page

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Know a product you think we should include? Would like us to update an existing entry? Please fill up this Airtable form. We review entries periodically and refresh our product list from time to time.

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