How was the list of tools curated?

A lot of tools come from use in my own business and consulting assignments where I help other companies optimise their operations.

I enhanced the list with tools that integrate with 100+ tools that, in my opinion, are dominant players in the market and would form a “base” product for most organisations

How does Build a Stack help me choose my stack?

Say, you are looking for a CRM that integrates with Zapier and Segment. You could either search for CRM in the search bar. Or choose CRM as the sub-category.

You can then filter by Zapier and Segment (or 100 other tools) to see the ones that integrate with both. Click any result to get 130+ links (including ~40 review sites like G2, Capterra) to research the product. Click the “View Website” button to go the product website.

Why is SugarCRM not a part of this list

SugarCRM used to be an Open Source software. Then, around 2008, they decided to abandon the open source version. I think that wasn’t fair to the hundreds of people who spent time and effort to make SugarCRM a good product.

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