Our Privacy Policy is quite simple really. We will make sure that we stick to the highest settings of privacy in any software we use. We tend to switch on GDPR protection in whatever tool we use, for example. We also do not sell your information to any third party without you permission.

However, we use a lot of plugins/third party tools. We have no control on what third parties do with the data they collect. You can read/believe their privacy policy. Or you can safely assume that any browsing on our site is building up a profile for you somewhere on the internet. If you are worried about privacy when you use our site (or any other website), use ad blockers. If you lose sleep over it, use Tor.

  1. We may have affiliate links for some products. So, if you click on the link and end up buying the software, we may get a small percentage of that amount. It does not make any difference to your cost.
  2. We do not sell your personal information without your permission. However, we may share our website’s aggregate data with third parties.
  3. If we end up becoming a part of another company, the data will move to the new company.
  4. You can ask for your account to be deleted
  5. If there is any material change to the Privacy policy, we will convey that via a notice on the website.
  6. Any major news about us will be conveyed via the website and an email to all registered users
  7. If we decide to run ads, they will follow you on the internet
  8. We use a lot of software on our site including Google Analytics, Heap analytics, Amplitude, Facebook login, Google login, Twitter login, Share buttons for social media, WordPress analytics, Jetpack, Hubspot CRM, etc. In addition, we use a lot of WordPress Plugins (fyi, where possible, we disable sharing of data with those plugins). Each of these have their own privacy policy of how data is used at their end.
  9. Most of the services above use cookies.

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