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Using PieSync, Excel/Sheets and Gmail Contacts to create WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp does not provide an API to do most things. Here are a few workarounds to make it easier to add contacts to WhatsApp groups.

Using Piesync

We use Hubspot CRM to record details of all our customers. So, this is what we do to get those details on to a phone to help us create a WhatsApp group.

  1. Use PieSync to sync Hubspot CRM contacts with a GMail id
  2. Sync this account contacts with our phone (or the phone you have your business WhatsApp account).
  3. Add the relevant contacts to your WhatsApp group

Using Excel

If you have the contacts in Excel/Google Sheets, you can use the following steps

  1. Create a CSV to import in to your email contact list
  2. Add an identifier to the contact last name so you can identify them when adding to whatsapp. Useful if you want to add, say, 200 people to the group. Use the CONCATENATE function in excel to append the identifier.
  3. Wait for the contacts to sync so they are available on your phone
  4. Go to web.whatsapp.com, click on add contacts to group, search for your identifier, tick all the contacts one by one and add them to the group. Although you can search for contacts on your phone too, you cannot choose more than one at a time.

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